It should be Simple

A MuMu router will simply do what others claim, but in a novel way. As it protects your connection it protects what comes into your computer. Millions are spent to recognise any virus or vulnerability that roams the internet, but in the end do we really care about that? We decided that the only thing relevant in the end is to not get sick rather than knowing what you have been infected with.

While taking a close look at how anti-virus companies function in removing viruses from computers, we at MuMu systems didn't think that allowing any hack or infection that way made any sense. Why would you allow to be infected or hacked and then try to fix the problem? We thought it made more sense to put on the bulletproof vest before we get shot. Or as another example: when a gun is detected at the airport, you would want to take it away immediately instead of trying to find out what type of gun it was. Therefore, the MuMu router was developed.

Network level is where the magic happens

If you protect the network, you can prevent any infection or hack from ever taking place. Our method is both elegant and effective; where others are trying to recognise the actual payload that someone is sending, we prevent it from being spread. A MuMu router changes the playing field, by recognising the methods commonly used to infect computers. This sounds simple, doesn't it. Regrettably it's not! But luckily for us hacking software has many telltales; all we had to do is find the logic behind that.


It took us 5 years to get it right, but what we developed is a system that recognises the way computers can be infected and acts upon those specific and very recognisable markers. Most viruses and hacks nowadays can be developed in hours and even minutes sometimes. Our claim is that our router will catch a virus or hack, the same second it was conceived, by using our uniquely patented software. We classify what it is and then take the sending party out of the equation. This can be done both temporarily as permanently in order to protect the network and the computers that are using it.


Private VPN

Isn't it always private?

vpn So you would assume your data using a vpn service is private right? well i am sorry to tell you but that in fact isn't exactly true most of the time. A regular VPN service has you on one end, and the vpn server on the other. While you think your data line is private, it in fact is only private in the funnel to the company you hired as your vpn exit point. As they are a company and in most countries they, the same way we are, are obliged to hand over your data on request, Therefore will almost always do this; hence they could be fined or forced to stop their service. Now we are very aware these same rules apply to Us, so we found a way around this by simply not knowing anything about you with a different approach to this concept, not surprisingly making your router the actual exit point, where we have no knowledge or power over it.

The concept is simple; a multitude of routers can route their data privately to one exit router of your choosing. all you have to do is to synchronise them with the first router you installed once for every new router that you want to add to this network. By pushing a single button while connected to the above mentioned exit router, the key is shared only to the new router through an encrypted channel.

These secondary routers can be meant for several small offices that share a directory or a printer, or simply for use in a hotel or waiting room where you are trying to keep your data private and free from hacks or virusses. Either way your data never goes through a corporate server that holds your data. All we do is accept your already encrypted connections and point them to the right direction where your other routers are. To us there are just MuMu routers asking where other MuMu routers are with the same handshake key, that's all. We do not keep your data albeit encrypted to a standard that supersedes military standards tenfold, thus rendering it pointless even if we would hand out the data that we do not posses.

the cryptographical standard we use is ed25519 which is currently considered one of the highest cryptographical standards. On top of this we take extra measures to check if the party that wishes to use this feature is in fact who he is and check for potential misuse.

Your business is your business, we do not want to know anything else about you, and the way we set this up it guarantees that this applies to Us and anyone else!