It took us 5 years to get it right, but what we developed is a system that recognises the way computers can be infected and acts upon those specific and very recognisable markers.

Most viruses and hacks nowadays can be developed in hours and even minutes sometimes. Our claim is that our router will catch a virus or hack, the same second it was conceived, by using our uniquely patented software.

We classify what it is and then take the sending party out of the equation. This can be done both temporarily as permanently in order to protect the network and the computers that are using it.


We believe that people who are really serious about software should develop their own hardware. The MuMu engine is integrated with a proprietary piece of hardware. Our detection framework runs on multiple pieces of hardware that can be distributed across your vulnerable digital assets. This way we can guarantee full network visibility across your entire digital infrastructure, solving cybersecurity bottlenecks in relation to air gaps or other forms of network segregation.

Our pioneering product, the MuMu router, has seen multiple stages of research and development. From an original idea and proof oc concept in 2002, the first generation, or minimum viable product™, was developed in 2015 and patented. The second generation was developed from the first generation in 2019, and sold to our launching customer. We are proud to say that they are still on board with us and will receive our complementary product upgrade in the near future.


MuMu Systems was founded in 2002 by cybersecurity experts with a host of experience, including work for various intelligence services. MuMu Systems is headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and is a 100% wholly owned Dutch company engaged in the research and development of high end cyber security products.

With deep expertise in the development of hardware and software solutions in the cybersecurity realm, the MuMu development team has diligently worked to develop an outside of the box solution to a fundamental cybersecurity challenge: have we managed to close the gaps in our defences as much as possible?

To answer that question, we've developed cyber sensor technology that’s really good at monitoring an entire infrastructure without having to adapt that infrastructure to make the cybersecurity tool work.


MuMu systems is a company built by inventors that prefer to stay away from mainstream corporate business decisions.

We make decisions based on plain old logic, and understand that having knowledge about computers and security is simply damn hard and unnecessary for most!

We therefor stick to what we know, and try to give you an honest product that does exactly what you want it to, with no other bells and whistles. Our routers keep you safe and keep you private in the simplest way to set up, nothing more and nothing less as life is difficult enough....