Why do you give away a vpn service?!

Setting up a VPN is fairly easy if you know what you are doing, and companies are simply asking a ridiculous amount of money! Our service is free but limited to fair use. there are no hidden factors where we secretly will charge you money. We give you the same and more, and only make money by running adds, and selling routers. By showing you that we give good service we hope some of you will expand your security needs with us and buy the MuMu router intended for security minded people and small business, which has features as a virus/spam/adds/phishing filter that will even kill "zeroday" attacks!

For now we only support android, you can download the app Here

Can MuMu see my data?

No we can not, nor do we want to!

Can the government see my data when using MuMu P2P VPN

No they can not, the (elyptic curve) cryptographic algorythms we use exceed the complexity of the ones they use ten fold! Furthermore we do not store any of your data, but merely function as a to and from connector.

Will it work from a home pc, a work pc, a phone or a tablet?

MuMu VPN will work on anything with a screen albeit ios android a pc or a mac.

Private VPN

Isn't it always private?

So you would assume your data using a vpn service is private right? well i am sorry to tell you but that in fact isn't exactly true most of the time. A regular VPN service has you on one end, and the vpn server on the other.

While you think your data line is private, it in fact is only private in the funnel to the company you hired as your vpn exit point. As they are a company and in most countries they, the same way we are, are obliged to hand over your data on request, Therefore will almost always do this; hence they could be fined or forced to stop their service.

Now we are very aware these same rules apply to Us, so we found a way around this by simply not knowing anything about you with a different approach to this concept, not surprisingly making your router the actual exit point, where we have no knowledge or power over it.

Where do i download the MuMu App

Click Here for the android version